Teacher Gifts for The End of The Year

Teacher Gifts for The End of The Year - Heads and Tails Coin Jewellery

Teacher Gifts for The End of The Year

There’s nothing quite like finishing another school year after several months of revision and coursework that’s finally completed. With exams over for another year and the summer holidays getting closer, why not say thank you to the teacher’s that helped your child achieve their academic success with a meaningful gift.

Take a look at our tips on finding the perfect teacher gift, thanking them for all their hard work and help throughout the academic year. From personalised accessories that can be used every day to meaningful keepsakes that will last a lifetime, we’ve got unique end-of-year teacher gifts that make the perfect present.

For more meaningful gifts ideas, take a look at our personalised gift guide.

Should you buy end-of-year teacher gifts?

Whilst you don’t have to, buying teacher gifts at the end of the academic year is a nice way to acknowledge all that they’ve done to help your child. We all know that teaching is an extremely important job, especially as they are helping shape our future generation, so recognising their passion and dedication with a symbolic gesture, like a thank you gift, is a nice way to show them how much you care.

How much should you spend on teacher gifts?

The gift you choose for your child’s teacher depends on the budget you have in mind. For a bigger budget, you might consider individual presents for each teacher that reflect the course subject or their personality.

If you don’t want to buy individual teacher gifts or if you have a particular budget to stick to, why not give something that the whole staff room can enjoy instead. Similarly, small token gestures will be just as appreciated so gifting a thoughtful present doesn’t have to break the bank.

End-of-year gift ideas by subject

To give you more gifting inspiration, we’ve put together a list of teacher gift ideas by course subject. Tailoring gifts to their specific subject helps add an extra touch of personalisation, so you can be sure to gift something that’s meaningful and a reflection of their personality and teaching style.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for a history teacher or mathematician, our tips are sure to help you find something they will love.


There’s no doubt about it, maths teachers are great with numbers and problem solving. With these attributes, finding a gift for a maths teacher is easy, especially as there are endless ways to tailor your gift to their subject. Practical gifts like unique money clips that can be used on a daily basis are a great option for teachers who like nothing more than a useful gift, serving as a reminder of how great a teacher they are.


English teachers have a way with words and a penchant for language and storytelling. What better way to celebrate who they are and the subject they teach than with a gift that shows how much you value them. Instead of giving books and literary-themed gifts which they are sure to get plenty of, why not choose a sentimental keepsake that can fondly remind them of your child.

A keepsake like a coin keyring that’s minted with your class year is a great gift that is both practical and sentimental. Whatever you choose, your English teacher is sure to love a gift that’s thoughtful and tailored to the subject that’s close to their heart.


What better way to thank your child’s science teacher than with a gift that encompasses exploration and discovery, symbolic of the subject they teach. Our collection of quirky watch cufflinks feature an open case so the watch mechanisms are on show and make a wonderful gift for anyone with an interest in science and horology. 


For humanitarian subjects, there are a plethora of gift ideas that are ideal for geography or history teachers. Keepsakes that include dates, places of interest or intriguing events in time make for sentimental yet meaningful presents.

Our collection of year-dated coin jewellery include a variety of vintage and rare coins that are sure to be treasured by any teacher, let alone one with a keen interest in antiques and keepsakes. Explore our unique coin jewellery collection and find a gift that any geographer or historian will love. 

Art / Drama

For creative gifts that are synonymous with the arts, consider colourful and quirky items that are unique in style. Subjects like art and drama are full of expression, making them perfect for unusual and bespoke gifts. For these teachers, opt for flamboyant fashion accessories like our colourful feather lapel pins that can be worn for any occasion. Not just a reflection of the subject they teach, a creative and thoughtful gift for your art or drama teacher is a great way to honour their subject.


PE and sports education teachers are usually keen health and wellness enthusiasts, so what better way to celebrate them and their subject than with a gift that incorporates a variety of wellness elements.

Food and drink often make great gifts, as do fitness clothes and accessories, however, why not consider a gift unlike anything they’ve received before. A unique gift that acknowledges their style is a great way to say thank you after a long year of teaching, especially if it’s personalised by your child. A personalised coin ring is a wonderful example of an unusual yet meaningful sports teacher gift and could be minted with the year they taught your child, or an important sports year that means something to them.

Choosing the perfect end-of-year teacher gift can demonstrate your gratitude and appreciation for their dedication. Whether it’s a literary treasure for an English teacher or a scientific keepsake for a science teacher, thoughtful and personalised gifts can inspire and support their teaching endeavours. Remember, it’s the sentiment behind the gift that truly matters, reminding teachers of the lasting impact they have on their students’ lives as they move into the next academic year.

If you’ve been inspired to start gifting, take a look at our collection of unique coin jewellery and accessories to acknowledge another year of academic success and find the perfect end-of-year gift.