Birthday Jewellery: A Guide to Each Month

Birthday Jewellery: A Guide to Each Month - Heads and Tails Coin Jewellery

Birthday Jewellery: A Guide to Each Month

Birthdays are special occasions that celebrate who we are and mark another year of cherished memories. One way to make these moments even more meaningful is by gifting a a piece of jewellery that aligns with the recipient’s birth year or month. Birthday jewellery not only adds a personal touch but also carries symbolic significance. In this guide, we explore the different types of gifts you could buy for each birth month, allowing you to choose the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Perhaps you’re looking for a sentimental birthday ring or hope to find necklaces with dates that bear significance to your relationship. Either way, with our collection of birthday jewellery you are sure to find a piece of jewellery that can be treasured for a lifetime. Take a look at our personalised gift guide for more gifting inspiration.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to personalising a gift by birthday month, and for ease, we have listed each month with a guide to the perfect present.


For people born in January, there’s no better gift than one that incorporates the rich red colour of garnets and reflects their birthstone. Red accessories, like our peacock lapel pin and jewellery like our red leather necklace are great alternatives to birthstone jewellery if your friend or loved-one prefers a more practical yet personalised gift to wear.


Amethyst is the birthstone of February and is said to enhance creativity and passion to those who wear it. Gifts with a purple theme are a great way to gift a personalised present, especially by adding a touch of colour. Violets are the birth flower for February and our flower lapel pin comes in a great selection of colours, so why not treat your loved one to a gift that reflects who they are.


Symbolising the tranquillity of the ocean, Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and is associated with courage and friendship. If you’re looking for something less dazzling than a gemstone, our collection of coin jewellery can be found in an array of colours, including blue tones that can make a lovely gift for March babies.


Despite being the birthstone for April, Diamonds make the perfect gift all year round and for all occasions. For a special gift that’s sure to last a lifetime, there’s no better gift than a diamond, however there are options if your budget doesn’t stretch to buying diamond jewellery. Diamonds symbolise strength and everlasting love, just like our collection of coin jewellery that can be cherished and worn every day for years to come, the perfect alternative gift.


For May birthdays, why not choose a gift that symbolises their personality and reflects their Emerald birthstone. Green gifts or presents that represent their Taurus or Gemini nature are great ways to give personalised and meaningful gifts that are unique to the recipient.

Our accessories, like our silk knot cufflinks, are available in a variety of green shades, making the perfect gift for Emerald babies.


Pearls are the traditional birthstones for June and are often revered for their elegance and purity. For a timeless gift that can be used on special occasions, why not opt for a pair of faux pearl cufflinks. These cufflinks are handmade and are the perfect gift for anyone with a quirky style and personality.


For July birthdays, rubies are the gemstone of choice but any gift that incorporates the deep red colour of this gemstone is sure to be treasured. Representing love and courage, ruby red birthday jewellery makes the perfect present for anyone you love, including yourself. Why not treat yourself to your very own birthday necklace or accessories to celebrate self-love?


August birthdays are associated with peridot, a lime-green gemstone that represents strength, harmony, and good fortune. For an alternative gift that also represents good fortune, a piece of lucky coin jewellery can be as symbolic as a peridot. Coins have been regarded as lucky talismans throughout history, representing power and fortune for many. You can find out more about coin symbolism with our guide to the meaning behind coins.


For the Virgo & Libra’s in your life with birthdays in September, why not choose a gift that represents their practical zodiac nature. Consider gifting an item they can use in their day-to-day life or a gift that reflects their deep blue birthstone, the sapphire. By combining elements that represent their birth month, you can give a gift they are sure to love.


Symbolising inspiration and creativity, October birthdays have the unique choice of opal and tourmaline as their birthstones. For gift ideas, opt for presents that highlight their creativity and tie in the colourful nature of their birthstone, such as fashion accessories and statement jewellery.


Despite the dark nights of winter in November, people born in this month have the joyous options of topaz and citrine as their birthstones. Topaz comes in various colours, with blue and yellow being the most popular, symbolising love and joy. Citrine, a sunny yellow gemstone, also represents positivity and happiness.

What better way to brighten up a cold November birthday than with a gift that reflects the warm tones of their birthstone. Jewellery in gold or rose gold is a great option if you want to steer away from gemstones with a more durable and hard-wearing piece of jewellery.


If you’re gifting a friend or loved-one in December, it’s a great time to get them something completely unique to who they are, especially with Christmas around the corner. Show them how much they mean to you with a gift that symbolises their birth month, like a piece of jewellery that incorporates the blue hues of turquoise and tanzanite, their birthstones.

Any personalised gift will ensure your love-one receives a gift that truly means something to them but if you need more inspiration, take a look at our guide to personalised gifts.

There are many ways to find a unique present for a specific birthday month and make it a truly special gift, like choosing a piece of jewellery that can be personalised with their birth year or opting for jewellery in a similar colour to their birthstone.

Whether it’s the fiery red rubies of July or the mesmerising blue sapphire hues of September, gifting jewellery that symbolises their birth month allows you create a lasting memory and choose a cherished gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Tempted to get gifting? Explore our collection of birth year jewellery and find the perfect present for every month of the year.