Jewellery Polishing Cloth – Get shiny jewellery again in seconds!

The specially formulated polishing cloths are made from soft microfibre cloths impregnated with jewellery cleaner and an anti-tarnish agent to give long last protection to your Heads and Tails coin jewellery.

You will receive your polishing cloth in a cardboard case.

Approximately 10cm by 7cm. The perfect size for coin jewellery.

See how the polishing cloth works quickly and effortlessly to clean your jewellery in under 15 seconds below:

How to care for your coin jewellery:

While plated jewellery is a hardwearing and extremely popular gift option, for him and her, like all metals it will, very slowly, oxidise aka tarnish. Tarnish is a natural and unstoppable reaction between the oxygen in the air and the metal of the jewellery. This is a completely expected process and there is no way to prevent it occurring. Well, you could move to space, where there is no oxygen but that’s a little drastic!

Here are some free tips on how to take good care of your plated coin jewellery:

  • Do not spray perfume directly onto plated jewellery.
  • Perfume and other scented sprays may contaminate the metal of the jewellery which may lead to it becoming blemished or stained. If you use perfume regularly, it is recommended to spray it on your body, and let it dry before putting on the jewellery.
  • Remove plated jewellery before swimming.
  • Sweat (acidic) and pool chlorine (alkaline) both create a chemical reaction with gold plated jewellery in a similar way that perfume does, so make sure to remove your jewellery before swimming or exercising.
  • Keep your plated jewellery clean – To clean your jewellery, use our specially formulated Heads and Tails Jewellery Polishing Cloths; a soft microfiber cloth used wipe our coin jewellery to help minimise oil build-up on the surface and remove any slowly occuring natural oxidation/tarnish.

Wearing very high-quality plated jewellery is as good as wearing precious metal jewellery. The vibrant colour and stunning quality makes for a beautiful gift to give any family member or friend.

View our range of coin jewellery today and give the best gift they’ll receive for this years birthday or anniversary.

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Jewellery Polishing Cloth – Get shiny jewellery in seconds