How to Measure Your Necklace Length


When it comes to buying jewellery online, finding the right size and style can sometimes be tricky, especially when it comes to determining necklace sizes. Finding the right necklace length can be a challenging task, but whether you’re purchasing a necklace for yourself or choosing one to give as a gift, understanding how to measure accurately, and what different chain lengths look like, can be helpful to know. Our guide explains how to measure necklace length effectively, ensuring a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing fit every time.

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It’s quick and easy to find the right necklace length, but with lots of different methods out there, we’ve put together a list of the top 3 ways to measure the length of chains and necklaces to help you get the perfect fit:

1 – Measure an existing necklace

If you have a necklace that already fits well, you can use it to determine the desired length for a new necklace. Lay the existing necklace flat on a surface and measure it from end to end, including the clasp. Be mindful of any additions to the style, like pendants or extra chains and make a note of this measurement as a reference for your new necklace.

2 – Visual estimation

For a rough estimate, hold a piece of string or existing necklace round your neck and assess how it would fall. Whilst less accurate, this method can give you a rough idea of where your new necklace would sit on your neck. Take a note of how it sits and determine if any modifications are needed, such as shortening or lengthening the necklace.

3 – Neck measurement

To determine the approximate length of a necklace without an existing reference, you can measure your neck circumference. Use a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your neck where you would typically wear a necklace. Add a few inches or centimetres to this measurement to ensure a comfortable fit and to account for any additions like a pendant.

Once you’ve found your measurements you can either buy online with confidence or go into store to find a new necklace that will fit to your desired length.

Necklace length chart

There are a variety of different necklace lengths available and depending on your outfit choices, there’s a style to suit every neckline. Whether you prefer a statement choker or a dainty drop matinee style, finding the right length of jewellery can transform your outfit.

Here, we’ve put together a handy guide to the different necklace lengths available to help you figure out which to choose when selecting your next piece of jewellery:

  • Collar (12-14 inches): Fits snugly around the neck, ideal for off-the-shoulder or low-neck tops.
  • Choker (14-16 inches): Sits just above the collarbone, perfect for showcasing delicate pendants or making a statement with chunky chains.
  • Princess (17-19 inches): Rests on the collarbone and is suitable for most necklines.
  • Matinee (20-24 inches): Falls below the collarbone and adds an elegant touch to formal attire.
  • Opera (28-34 inches): Hangs below the bust, offering versatility for various styles and layering.
  • Rope (over 45 inches): A long necklace that can be worn in multiple ways, including doubled or knotted.

What length necklace looks best?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a style or length of necklace, however it’s good to understand the difference so you can play with your style and mix up your outfits with confidence.

If you’re dressing in high neck tops, sweaters, or dresses then you might consider layering mid-length chain on top of your outfit to make a fashion statement. Similarly, chokers are excellent choices for low necklines and off the shoulder outfits when you might want to make your jewellery more of a focal point.

For special occasions or formal events, you might opt for a more classic necklace length, like princess or matinee style. On the other hand, shorter and more statement styles like a choker or opera length can still make an impact to your outfit.

Extra considerations when choosing your jewellery:

  • Think about the thickness of the necklace when you’re getting your measurements – chunky chains look great as chokers and shorter lengths but you might not want a long heavy chain weighing you down.
  • Consider pendants when you’re measuring so you factor in the extra length you need. Drop pendants look great at longer lengths where they can make a statement.
  • Be mindful of your existing jewellery and whether you want your new pieces to complement or contrast the ones you already have. Layering necklaces is a fun way to showcase the different styles you have, and they don’t always have to match.

However you choose to style your jewellery, it’s important to have fun with different designs, lengths, colours, and metals to showcase your personality and style. There’s no better addition to an outfit than jewellery that reflects who you are.

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Caring for your necklaces

Once you have your desired necklace length, it’s important to care for it in the right way to ensure it remains in the best possible condition. From chemical exposure to wear and tear, there are many ways your jewellery could get damaged. Read about how to care for your jewellery for tips on keeping it safe, including how to travel with and store your necklaces carefully.

Measuring the length of a necklace accurately is essential to ensure a comfortable and stylish jewellery accessory that you can enjoy wearing. By following the above steps, you can be sure to determine the appropriate necklace length based on your personal style and body type. If you’re feeling inspired and want to find your next stylish accessory, take a look at our collection of coin necklaces for a unique and bespoke piece of jewellery that can last a lifetime. Whether you’re selecting a choker, collar, or a statement piece, with the right measurements you can choose the perfect jewellery for any occasion or event.