How to Measure Your Ring Size

Ring Sizer Tool on Finger

How to Measure Your Ring Size

Whether buying jewellery for yourself or for a loved one, finding out how to measure your ring size can be helpful so you get the right sized ring for your finger. Our guide will help you learn the easiest and quickest ways of measuring so you can be sure to buy a ring that fits perfectly every time.

How to measure ring size at home

There are many tried and tested ways to help you find the right ring size from the comfort of your own home, so instead of going to a jewellery shop or purchasing ill-fitting rings that are too small, take a look at the following tips for inspiration.

  • Printable ring-size chart – there are lots of templates and ring-size chart guides online that are available to download for free. Using this method, you can print the chart and place an existing ring over the top of the example sizes shown.

From here, you can match the inside of your ring to the circle that is the closest in size. Printable charts and guides are often good reference points, however bear in mind that they aren’t always the most accurate way to determine your ring size.

  • Piece of string – the simplest methods are often the easiest, and that’s certainly true for measuring your ring size with a piece of string. For this method, take a piece of string and wrap it round the base of your finger, or where you want your ring to sit, and using a pen, mark where the string overlaps.

Unravel the string and lay it flat before you use a ruler to measure the length of the piece of string. Take the length in millimetres and compare it with a standard ring size chart and the ring circumference to find your perfect fit.

  • Heads and Tails Ring Size Chart
  • Existing rings – using an existing piece of jewellery is a helpful way to figure out your ring size, especially if you’re trying to find the size of the same finger. In order to use an existing ring, measure the diameter in mm and check the sizing with the standard ring size chart to compare.

How to Measure Your Ring Size - Heads and Tails Coin Jewellery If you’re using this method, make sure to measure a ring that definitely fits the same finger you want to buy a new ring for. All fingers are different sizes, even the same finger on your other hand, so if you make sure to measure the exact finger, your measurement will be more accurate.

  • Ring sizer – Whilst you can check with a piece of string or use an existing ring, the most effective and accurate way to find your ring size is with a ring sizer tool that is specifically designed for ring measurements.

A ring sizer can help you quickly determine the size you need, taking the guess work out of buying a new ring and making it easy to get an accurate reading. These tools slip over your finger (like a ring) and show you the size you need with golden arrows that point to the letters. Make sure you fit the ring sizer comfortably and test getting it on and off with ease.

How to find a ring size secretly

Measuring your ring size for yourself is easy, but what about finding out the ring size of a friend or loved one? Whether you’re surprising someone you love with a ring as a gift for a birthday or are planning a romantic proposal, there are ways to find their ring size without them knowing.

If they wear rings often and if you can borrow one discreetly, you can take their existing ring with you when you choose their new one and have it measured. If it’s not possible to do this without them knowing, you might consider asking a friend of theirs to borrow it so they can get it for you.

Alternatively you can always hope for the best and take a good old fashioned guess of their ring size, after all you can always get it resized if it isn’t the right size once you’ve bought it.

Ring sizing tips

There are steps you can take to make sure you get the most accurate reading possible, especially to avoid the extra cost of getting a ring resized once you’ve made a purchase.

  • Be mindful of the temperature – measure fingers and ring size on a day when hands aren’t too hot or cold. It’s often best to wait until the end of the day when fingers are at their largest but be mindful that this could lead to a ring that’s on the larger size.
  • Think about band thickness – the thickness of a band can give a different measurement depending on its size. For example, our collection of coin rings vary in thickness and as some are thicker than others, you should be mindful of this when measuring ring size at home. To get an understanding of why our rings are difference sizes and designs, take a look at how our coin rings are made.
  • Take a few readings – don’t rely on just one measurement. It’s often a good idea to repeat the process a couple of times a day to get an average of the size you need to buy.
  • How to tell if the ring is too big or small? – a ring should sit comfortably at the base of your finger without digging in or moving around. A ring that’s too loose will slip over your knuckle and move freely, while a ring that’s too small will likely feel uncomfortable and dig into your skin.

By following the tips above, you can get a better idea of your finger size and the way that different rings will fit depending on their size. No matter the method you choose to measure your ring size, once you’ve bought your jewellery you can get it resized if the fit is slightly off.

Once you’ve found your ring size, bought your jewellery and start wearing it every day, be sure to learn how to care for your jewellery with our helpful guide so you can be sure to keep it in the best possible condition for years to come.