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Being asked to be a godparent is a momentous occasion and a cherished responsibility. Godparents play a unique role in a child’s life, offering guidance, support, and love. When it comes to showing appreciation for this special honour, thinking of godparent gift ideas can sometimes be challenging. To help inspire you to show your appreciation, we’ve put together a list of thoughtful and meaningful options that will make any godparent feel truly cherished.

What is the role of a godparent?

Traditionally, godparents are chosen when a baby or child is baptised and are expected to support and guide the child as they embark on their religious journey through life.

In more modern times, the role of a godparent has largely stayed the same but without as much religious expectation. Godparents still have a special role in the child’s life, and as they are often close friends or family members, they have a close relationship with the child from birth. Whether religious or not, godparents act as role models and are usually honoured to play such a significant part in the child’s life.

Do you get godparents a gift?

Now you know how important godparents are, it seems only fitting to get them a gift to show your appreciation. While there aren’t any rules on whether you get a present or not, it’s often customary to thank them for the role they are embarking on with a gift that shows how much you care. Just like personalised christening gifts to honour the newborn, godparent gifts are a wonderful way to mark the special occasion and celebrate.

Similarly, you might be wondering how much to spend on a present for godparents but as a thoughtful gift usually supersedes the amount it costs, don’t worry too much about spending a large amount if you have a restricted budget. There are options for all budget sizes, whether you want to go all out with a lavish keepsake or show how much you care with a modest and meaningful token, it’s the thought that really counts.

To help inspire you to get gifting, we’ve put together a list of godparent present ideas that range from traditional keepsakes, right through to personalised and practical options. 

Traditional godparent gift ideas

  1. Religious keepsakes – In keeping with traditional christening gifts, many godparent gifts reflect the same theme of honouring the religious traditions of the baptism service. Religious keepsakes like bibles and crosses are common gifts for godparents to remind them of the commitment they are making to the child.
  2. Silverware – Silver gifts, like a photo frame, are wonderful options that serve as reminders of the special occasion, especially if they include a photo of baptism itself. Similarly, silver jewellery and ornaments are also popular options to explore and are in keeping with the tradition of gifting silver for a christening.
  3. Baptism candle – christening candles are specially designed for the occasion and are often given to godparents during the ceremony. Symbolising the religious faith, the candle serves as a reminder of the godparent’s role in the child’s life.

Personalised godparent gift ideas

  1. Jewellery – A special occasion calls for a special gift, and we think there’s nothing more unique than a personalised piece of jewellery. Jewellery that’s personalised for both the godparents and the child, like our Me and You jewellery, is a wonderful way to symbolise the important relationship between them both.
  2. Keepsakes – Keepsake gifts are timeless, especially as they are often precious items that hold significant meaning. Items like commemorative and keepsake coins whether in the form of jewellery or accessories are a wonderful way to mark a significant time in both the godparent and child’s life. You can discover more about these special mementos with our guide to keepsake coins.
  3. Fashion accessories – There’s no better gift than one that reflects the recipient’s personality and style which is why personalised fashion accessories, like a personalised coin brooch, are a great alternative option. Godparent gifts don’t have to be boring and we think a present that represents who they are as individuals is a wonderful way to celebrate them on a special occasion.

Modern godparent gift ideas

  1. Practical accessories – Why not give a godparent gift that has multiple purposes, like practical accessories and items that hold significant value but can be used every day. Gifts like sentimental keyrings are tokens of your appreciation that celebrate the occasion whilst serving as a practical accessory that can be enjoyed in their daily life.
  2. Activities and events – If you’re not sure what present to buy, there are alternative options that still make for a thoughtful gift. Perhaps it’s a meal out to say thank you, or booking an event for the godparents to enjoy. Not all gifts have to be material items and by thinking outside the box, you can find a modern godparent gift they’re sure to love.
  3. Vouchers – Vouchers are a great way to give a gift the recipient can choose for themselves. If you’re unsure what to buy or you know they would like to select something in their own time, a gift card is a thoughtful option that still holds significance of the occasion.

So there you have it, a variety of gift ideas to show your child’s godparents how much they mean to you. Regardless of whether you’re looking for individual godmother gift ideas or presents for a godfather, the above options will help you find something special that they can cherish as the years go by.

Choosing the perfect gift for a godparent is an opportunity to express gratitude and strengthen the unique bond shared between the godparent and the child. Whether you opt for personalised keepsakes or more modern options, the key is to select a gift that resonates with both the godparent and the child. Remember, it’s the thought and effort behind the gift that truly makes it meaningful, and any gesture that celebrates the special relationship between godparent and child is sure to be appreciated and treasured for years to come.