A Guide to Keyrings: The Ultimate Accessory

1957 Lucky Sixpence Coin Keyring

A Guide to Keyrings: The Ultimate Accessory

Keyrings are common accessories that often go unnoticed, but their significance in our everyday lives shouldn’t be underestimated. These small, unassuming objects play a crucial role in holding together the keys that grant us access to our homes, cars, offices, and more.

Beyond their practical purpose, unusual keyrings also make an excellent choice of gift, serving as personal expressions of style and individuality. In this guide, we explore the history, evolution, and cultural significance of keyrings, shedding light on their often-overlooked charm.

Keychains vs Keyrings: What are they?

Keychains are long chains of metal which are used to connect keys. A keychain is long in length, allowing them to be used more easily than a keyring which is more compact.

In comparison, keyrings are small metal rings to which you can attach several keys to keep them together in one place. We all use keys in our day-to-day, whether for a house, a shop or a car so it makes sense to be able to easily locate them on a keyring.

What is the history of keyrings?

It’s uncertain when the first keyrings were invented and how they were typically used, however the concept of keyrings dates back to ancient times when they were created to secure valuable possessions.

They have appeared in civilisations throughout history, evolving with more elaborate designs and serving as good luck tokens and talismans, prior to their more practical use of holding keys for which we know them for today.

Initially created as lucky charms, historical keyrings were made from various materials like bone and wood, however over time the more recognisable and popular metal keyrings were created with designs to promote businesses and advertise products.

Why are keyring gifts popular?

Whilst seemingly insignificant accessories to some, keyrings make popular gifts because they often hold sentimental value and can be personalised with any pattern or design. Great for any occasion, a personalised keyring is a wonderful gift that can be used every day, serving as a keepsake reminder of a friendship or relationship. What better way to mark a milestone birthday than with a special and unique gift, like our coin keyrings for a 21st birthday, and celebrate a once in a lifetime event.

Our collection of coin keyrings are made with rare and vintage coins from around the world, making the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion. You might consider gifting an unusual keyring to celebrate a wedding, to congratulate a new homeowner or for a loved-one with a penchant for collectable items. No matter the occasion, a keepsake keyring is a gift that is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

Are keyrings collectables?

With the variety of designs and patterns available, it’s not surprising that keyrings are a common collectible item. A keyring collector is known as a “copoclephilist” and will usually display their collection of keyrings on a board or in a cabinet to present their hobby.

Keyrings are collectible items for a number of reasons, especially as they’re often obtained as souvenirs or gifts at memorable occasions. It’s not uncommon for keyrings to be collected by travellers to showcase their worldly adventures as they explore the globe, or by fans with a specific theme in mind, such as TV characters and movie franchises.

For the more serious copoclephilists, rare and vintage keyrings are highly sought after for their unusual designs and intricate patterns that often date back centuries. These keyrings are unique pieces of history that tell stories of the past, serving as wonderful keepsakes for years to come.

How to personalise keyrings

One of the many charming elements to a simple accessory, like a keyring, is the ability to personalise it and turn it into a memento that reflects your personality. There are thousands of ways to create or purchase a unique keyring, not least by adding decorative touches like engravings. Our collection of coin keyrings are handcrafted by expert jewellers and created out of “old money”, like sixpences and farthings, and personalised with dates that go as far back as the 1930s.

Our guide to personalised gifts offers inspirational tips to help you find the perfect present so you can be sure to give a keepsake that is sure to be cherished for a lifetime. 

Whether you’re a collector or are looking for the perfect unique gift, a keyring serves as a practical yet sentimental accessory. However, there are some additional uses for keyrings that you might not have thought about before, so we’ve put together a list of 5 alternative uses for keyrings that go beyond simply holding a set of keys:

  1. Promotional accessories – great for promoting events and occasions, keyrings are accessories that can be given as merchandise and personalised with logos and branding, serving as a marketing tool.
  2. Pet ID – keyrings can be used to attach ID tags to pet collars, ensuring they can be easily identified if they get lost.
  3. Fashion accessories – great for decorating bags and embellishing clothing, keyrings can be worn in a multitude of ways to add a creative flair to your style.
  4. Bottle opener – for easy access on-the-go, bottle openers are great additions to have on a keyring.
  5. Colour codes – keyrings often have various designs and including colour codes are a great way to help you identify specific keys. These can be added to your keyring and personalised to suit your individual style.

So there you have it, 5 additional ways to utilise a keyring in addition to keeping your set of keys secure. With the tips above, you can make the most out of your handy accessory and turn it into a practical yet stylish every-day item.

Keyrings are unassuming accessories in our daily lives that connect us to the places we need to be. While often overlooked, they offer practicality and personal expression from their ancient origins to their modern evolvement. So, whether you’re looking to update your existing key-holder or find an unusual keyring gift for a loved-one, be sure to discover our collection for an unrivalled accessory that we couldn’t be without.