A Guide to Keepsake Coins

A Guide to Keepsake Coins - Heads and Tails Coin Jewellery

A Guide to Keepsake Coins

Whether you are a keen numismatist or have been gifted a keepsake, it’s helpful to understand the significance of coins and learn more about their fascinating history.

Our guide explores keepsake coins, explaining what they are, the different types you might come across and why they make such special mementos; whether you’re collecting them yourself or giving them as cherished gifts.

What are keepsake coins?

Keepsake coins, also known as commemorative coins or medallions, are meticulously designed and struck from high-quality materials such as gold and silver. Their purpose goes beyond currency; they are crafted to commemorate significant events, achievements, or individuals in history. These coins often feature intricate engravings, symbols, and personalised messages, making them unique and meaningful.

Emerging as a timeless and elegant way to preserve significant moments in history, keepsake coins celebrate achievements, honour loved ones, and mark special occasions. These coins, crafted from precious metals, not only possess monetary value but also carry sentimental worth, becoming treasured keepsakes that make wonderful gifts or collectables.

Types of keepsake coins include:

  • Commemorative Coins: These coins mark events and significant people with distinct designs that represent the occasion for which they were created. Often serving as collectors’ items, commemorative coins are not usually minted for general circulation.

Popular commemorative coins, like the coin most recently created to celebrate King Charles III, are great ways to own a piece of history and are often considered as keepsakes to pass down through generations.

  • Bullion Coins: Bullion coins are struck from precious metals, like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and are sold at a premium. These coins are usually intended for investors and are not circulated as general currency. Around the world, many countries have their own bullion coins like the American Eagle series in the US, or the Canadian Maple Leaf series in Canada.

For collectors, bullions are usually coveted for their rarity and intricate designs which make them extremely valuable. However most commonly, investors purchase bullion coins as a hedge against inflation. 

  • Challenge Coins: Specially designed to denote a membership, group or organisation, challenge coins are small metal coins that can fit in the palm of your hand. These coins have a long-standing history within the military and are often called military challenge coins, however many other services around the world use challenge coins to represent their organisations too. 
  • Historical Coins: From rare and one-of-a-kind coins to common currency no longer in circulation, historical coins are popular keepsakes amongst collectors. Historical coins are usually referred to collections of ancient and rare coins from around the world, such as Roman and Greek coins. Coveted by avid historians and numismatists, rare coins are often admired for their unusual designs, intricate engravings, and the significance they hold during a period of ancient history.
  • Personalised Coins: Offering an opportunity to create something unique and bespoke, personalised coins are meaningful keepsakes that are often given as gifts to loved ones, friends, and family. They can be personalised in a variety of ways, including dates, names, and special messages, making them perfect for commemorating milestone occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Our collection of personalised coin jewellery is made from vintage coins minted in a range of years so you can be sure to give a keepsake coin that can be cherished.

Why give keepsake coins as gifts?

Keepsake coins can capture moments that hold profound sentimental value. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birth, graduation, retirement, or the memory of a loved one, these coins serve as physical reminders of treasured experiences. They evoke emotions and memories, allowing individuals to relive and celebrate those special times whenever they hold them in their hands.

Often serving as tokens of appreciation and recognition, coins can be presented as awards, honours, or gifts to commemorate achievements, outstanding service, or exceptional accomplishments.

How to choose coins with meaning

Whether in the form of a coin necklace or personalised ring, keepsake coin jewellery and accessories make ideal gifts for those looking for quirky and personal presents. We have a variety of guides to help you find the perfect gift, like our graduation gift guide that offers inspiration on the best gifts to celebrate an academic milestone, or our advice on finding the perfect present for Father’s Day.

If you’re choosing a symbolic keepsake coin for a gift, consider the meaning behind the coin and what it represents. For example, a silver Sixpence makes a wonderful wedding gift, while Irish coinage is ideal for someone starting a new job or entering retirement when you might want to wish them luck for their next adventure.

No matter the occasion or celebration, keepsake coins in the form of jewellery and accessories are a wonderful way to give a gift that’s unique and personal. Often, keepsake coins become cherished heirlooms that tell stories and can be passed down to future generations, making them a truly timeless gift.

Why collect keepsake coins?

People have been collecting keepsake coins throughout the ages for a variety of reasons, especially as they represent different things to different people. Steeped in history, their sentimental value and unique symbolism makes keepsake coins extremely fascinating.

Our guide on symbolism and the meaning of coins highlights the significance of coins throughout history and how they have come to be extremely popular keepsakes and treasures over time.

From old British coins like the lucky silver Sixpence and the Half Crown coin to the American Dime, coins are steeped in tradition and continue to rise in popularity. Whether you’re attracted to rare and ancient coins or enjoy collecting a commemorative set, there’s nothing more special than a personal coin that preserves treasured moments in history.

No matter the attraction, coins can hold a special place in the hearts of those who value the power of memories and the importance of tangible keepsakes. For more insight into keepsake coins, whether as bridal party gifts or for wearing summer jewellery, our guides will give you all the inspiration you need to turn your coin jewellery into keepsakes that will last a lifetime.