Memorial Jewellery: A Guide for Loved Ones

Memorial Jewellery

Memorial Jewellery: A Guide for Loved Ones

Losing someone you love, whether a friend or family member, is an emotional journey that can be difficult to navigate. During times of grief, there are various ways to seek comfort and remember your loved one, especially as time goes on. Honouring your friends or family through memorial jewellery enables you to keep them close to your heart and is one way you can cherish them every day.

Our guide explores the significance of memorial jewellery and how it has become a treasured keepsake for many.

Why do people wear memorial jewellery?

Wearing memorial jewellery to remember and honour loved ones has been part of human history for centuries. Throughout history, people have sought ways to commemorate those who have passed away and remember their loved ones, especially through items like jewellery that they can wear every day.

Types of memorial jewellery

While some people choose cremation urns or gravestones, there are many alternative and personalised ways to remember those that have sadly passed. Some popular options include:

  • Ashes or cremation jewellery: This type of jewellery is created using a small portion of cremated ashes, or a lock of hair from the deceased. Often, this jewellery is either worn as a pendant, a ring or a charm that can be worn with a necklace or bracelet.
  • Photo jewellery: Like that of a locket necklace, this type of memorial jewellery includes photographs of the departed loved-one to serve as a visual reminder of the friend or loved one who passed away. The beauty of a locket or photographic piece of jewellery is that you can often change the image inside, refreshing and alternating between photos that keep your loved one in your memory.
  • Personalised / engraved: Memorial jewellery that bears significant engravings, like names, dates and places are often chosen for their unique and subtle reminder of the deceased. Just like our collection of bereavement jewellery, it can be a comforting way to keep your loved one close to you by wearing jewellery that reminds you of them every day.
  • Fingerprints / handwriting: Wearing jewellery that features the fingerprints or handwriting of a loved one is a personalised and unique way to incorporate the departed into a piece of memorial jewellery.
  • Gemstone jewellery: Including birthstones or sentimental gemstones that hold significance is a wonderful way to celebrate your loved one. Often, gemstone jewellery is worn as necklaces and rings, but can also be incorporated into memorial earrings or bracelets.
  • Pet jewellery: Losing pets can be just as hard as losing close friends or relatives. Remembering your beloved pet with memorial jewellery can be equally as comforting when you have to let them go. Memorial jewellery, like our coin keyrings, minted in the year your puppy was born, or the date your elderly cat sadly passed is a fitting tribute and a subtle way to remember your furry friend.

How to choose memorial jewellery?

Choosing memorial jewellery to honour your loved one is a big decision and one that often takes time. There’s no rush in choosing the type of bereavement jewellery you’d like and it all depends on your personal style. Perhaps you’d prefer a memorial ring or a memorial necklace that’s minted with your loved one’s birth year, or another date that’s significant in your relationship. Similarly, a keepsake memorial coin or keyring that you can carry with you wherever you go could be the perfect way to remember your loved one.

Alternatively, you might choose to incorporate their ashes into the jewellery you choose. Either way, there’s a style of memorial jewellery to suit every preference and taste, ensuring you can remember your loved one for all time.

How to wear memorial necklaces and rings

Whilst there aren’t any rules when it comes to how to wear your memorial jewellery, there may be different times and occasions when you feel like wearing it.

Unlike your everyday jewellery, you might consider keeping your bereavement jewellery for special occasions or for times when you want to feel close to your deceased loved one. Memorial necklaces and rings are often extremely precious, especially due to their sentimental value so you might opt to wear them every now and again to preserve them and keep them safe.

Alternatively, if you’re grieving or finding it hard to be without your loved one, then wearing your jewellery every day can bring comfort and help you feel as if they are still with you. Either way, there’s no right or wrong way to wear your special necklace or keepsake ring, especially as ultimately the piece of jewellery is to commemorate your loved one and keep their memories alive, however you choose to wear it.

How to care for bereavement jewellery

Your jewellery is precious and we’re sure you’ll want to ensure it stands the test of time against any damages or breaks. However, as with all sentimental jewellery, there are ways to care for your jewellery to keep it safe, and we advise removing it before exposing it to harsh environments, water, or chemicals.

Over time, your jewellery might tarnish or show signs of wear and tear. This is perfectly normal but to keep it looking its best, be sure to follow our tips for cleaning coin jewellery so you can ensure it’s as good as new for as long as possible. It’s also worth considering a cleaning cloth to give your jewellery long-lasting protection whilst you’re cleaning it.

Memorial jewellery stands as a testament to the relationship and bond between you and your loved ones. It allows you to hold onto the memories of the departed and find comfort as you grieve. Often, these tangible pieces become cherished keepsakes over time, treasured for their ability to keep the spirit of our loved ones alive.

If you’ve lost someone close to you, or you’re looking to buy bereavement jewellery for a friend or loved one who is grieving, our collection of timeless jewellery can be personalised to create a unique keepsake. Memorial jewellery is a beautiful way to celebrate your relationship and keep your loved one with you.