A Guide to Stacking Rings

A Guide to Stacking Rings - Heads and Tails Coin Jewellery

Ring Style Guide: Stacking Rings

In the world of fashion, trends often come and go, but some styles have a lasting appeal that stands the test of time. One trend that has captivated jewellery enthusiasts and fashionistas alike is the art of stacking rings. With the option to personalise with endless versatility, stacking rings have become a popular way to style jewellery and add creative flair to any outfit.

Our guide will help you learn how to stack rings, and for more styling tips, our advice on layering necklaces will get you feeling inspired.

What is a stacking ring?

Stackable rings, or stacking rings, aren’t a particular type of jewellery but rather a style trend that can be applied to any ring in your jewellery box. Stacking rings is a way to wear more than one ring on your finger at a time, layering them on top of each other and mixing different styles to achieve a creative and unique look.

How to wear stackable rings

While stackable rings encourage creativity, there are some considerations to keep in mind if you want to achieve a cohesive look. To strike the right balance, avoid crowding your fingers with too many rings, as this can look cluttered. Instead, opt for a few well-curated rings that complement each other and your individual style.

If you want to create a balanced look but aren’t sure where to start, our tips should help you figure out the best way to mix and match your rings depending on the metal type, shape and design.

Which finger do you stack rings on?

The most popular finger to wear stacked rings is your wedding finger, with a wedding band sitting at the base and an engagement ring sitting on top. This is the way in which stacked rings are familiar to most, however there aren’t any rules when it comes to making a fashion statement and playing with jewellery.

You can stack rings on any finger and play around with the different materials, colours and styles of jewellery available. If you’re just starting out with layering jewellery, opt for stacking a finger which you have multiple rings for already so you can see how it feels to wear more than one at a time.

Stacked ring ideas

The opportunity to express yourself and style your jewellery with stackable rings is endless. We’ve put together our top 5 tips to help if you’re looking to make a statement with your jewellery or want to achieve a minimalistic and elegant look.

  1. Minimalistic aesthetic

You might think that by stacking rings together, you’re creating a crowded look, but that’s not always the case with layering jewellery. If you have rings with small bands or dainty designs, these can look great stacked on one finger, or halfway down a finger, to complement your jewellery whilst adding a unique touch to your style.

  1. Making a statement

There’s no easier way to make a statement with your jewellery than by adding multiple rings that clash in shape and design. Chunky jewellery is a great place to start, acting as your base layer before adding more creative styles on top. Our coin rings are created in a variety of metals, thickness and designs, making them the perfect ring to start layering with.

  1. Mixing metals

When you’re wearing more than one jewellery item at the same time, you might think you need to stick to the same metal type – but that’s not always the case. It’s fun to play around with different metal types, mixing and matching gold with silver, or silver with rose gold, to achieve a creative and bespoke style.

  1. Playing with colour

If you’re starting with plain bands and want to add a pop of colour, try experimenting with different gemstones that can make your stacked rings stand out. Colours like vivid emerald greens, bright sapphire blues and deep ruby reds look great against plain gold and silver bands, so you can explore different colour combinations that suit you best.

  1. Make it personal

The beauty of wearing multiple jewellery at the same time means that you can wear meaningful jewellery that holds a special place in your heart all at once. Whether it’s your wedding ring, a sentimental keepsake or an heirloom that’s been passed down through generations, being able to stack your rings and wear all your favourites together is a wonderful way to celebrate the unique jewellery you own.

Once you know how to stack rings, you might be wondering when you can wear them and the types of occasions that they’re suitable for.

  • For daytime events, like parties or day trips, play around with a variety of different stacked ring styles to dress up a casual outfit. Alternatively, if your outfit is the statement piece you’re wearing, you might opt for a minimalistic ring stack to add a subtle elegance to your outfit.
  • Stacking rings is a great way to elevate any daytime look into night. By adding more rings to your fingers and creating a statement, you can transform any outfit to one that’s worthy of a night out, whether it’s drinks with friends or dinner with loved ones.
  • If you want to keep your style casual but express your individuality, adding stacked rings to your look is the perfect way to achieve this, no matter the occasion. We think there’s no better way to show off your personality and sense of style than with jewellery that holds meaning. 

Stacking rings have quickly become a timeless fashion statement, especially through the ability to personalise your jewellery and create a unique, ever-changing look. Whether you’re going for an understated elegance or a bold, eye-catching display, stacking rings are a fashionable way to let your self-expression and creativity shine through your style. If you love the idea of stacking rings but need to add more to your collection, take a look at our ring size guide for help on finding the right size to stack your rings perfectly.