77 Gift Ideas for Friends

77 Gift Ideas for Friends - Heads and Tails Coin Jewellery

Finding the right gift for your best friends can seem like a daunting task, but fear not – we have scoured through the internet and put together a guide with the best gift ideas and suggestions for your friends and mates.

When it comes to celebrating the unique bonds we share with our mates, finding the perfect gift can truly show how much we treasure those special friendships. Whether it’s for a birthday bash, a festive celebration, or just a spontaneous gesture of appreciation, the art of gift-giving allows us to express our feelings in a way words sometimes cannot.

We at Heads & Tails Jewellery, believe that the best gifts reflect the personality and interests of those receiving them, which is why we’ve gathered a dazzling array of ideas that are sure to spark joy and make your pals feel cherished. From personalised treasures that capture your shared memories to quirky gadgets that complement their hobbies, our guide is brimming with thoughtful and unique gift ideas suitable for every type of friend.

Navigating the world of gifts can often be a bit baffling – what do you buy for the friend who has everything? How can you make your gift stand out? Don’t fret! We’ve done the legwork to bring you some amazing gift suggestions that are bound to impress. Whether they love cosy nights in or are always on an adventure, you’ll find something in our collection that feels like it’s made just for them.

Personalised Gifts for Friends

A personalised gift is the best way to express your deepest appreciation and love for your friends. It’s not just about giving something material; it’s about showing you’ve thought about what makes them uniquely them. Whether it’s a custom piece of jewellery that carries a message or a quirky item that nods to an inside joke, these gift ideas are all about adding that personal touch:

  • personalised jewellery: make it uniquely theirs with engraved bracelets, necklaces, keyrings, or cufflinks
  • photo memories: choose a stylish frame and fill it with a photo of a cherished memory
  • custom artwork: commission a piece of art that reflects their personality or interests
  • tailored hampers: curate a basket filled with their favourite treats, from gourmet snacks to craft beers
  • bespoke books: find a book that aligns with their interests and write a personal note inside the cover
  • engraved watches: offer a touch of elegance with a watch engraved with a significant date or message
  • personalised mugs: perfect for those endless coffee chats, customise a mug with a funny quote or picture
  • custom puzzles: piece together memories with a puzzle made from a favourite photo
  • bespoke stationery: notebooks, pens, and planners customised to match their style
  • personalised phone cases: stylish and practical, adorned with their initials or favourite design
  • hand-stamped tote bags: great for a friend always on the go, personalise with their name or a cool graphic
  • custom music playlists: compile a digital playlist with songs that have meaning to your friendship


A personalised gift will go a long way to show how much you care and appreciate your best friends. A personalised gift is tailored to the individual quirks and qualities of your friends. It’s about making them feel seen and understood, which is truly the essence of a thoughtful gift.

So, next time you’re hunting for the perfect gift, consider something personalised. It’s not just about the item itself but the message it carries — that you value and cherish your friendship deeply. Personalised gifts allow you to embed a piece of your shared story, in message or a date, into something they can keep, making every glance a reminder of the bond you share.

Top Picks for Best Friend Gifts

Picking out the perfect present for your best mate can be a delightful and scary challenge. You want something that says, “I know you,” a gift that reflects their personality, interests, or perhaps your shared experiences. Whether they’re the adventurous type, a homebody, or someone who appreciates a bit of pampering, there’s a perfect gift waiting to be wrapped up.

  • adventure day out: treat them to a day of adventure, like rock climbing or a hot air balloon ride.
  • luxury spa day: a relaxing day at a spa to unwind and rejuvenate.
  • concert tickets: snag tickets to a gig from their favourite band.
  • craft beer subscription: perfect for the friend who loves a pint.
  • book club subscription: ideal for the literary aficionado in your life.
  • cooking class: for the culinary curious, a class to learn new skills.
  • yoga retreat: if they are into yoga, a peaceful yoga retreat would make for an amazing gift
  • vintage wine: a bottle of fine wine from their birth year.
  • gaming gear: latest accessories for your gamer friends.
  • art supplies: top-notch supplies for the creatively inclined.
  • film buff hamper: DVDs, popcorn, and a cosy blanket for movie marathons.
  • jewellery making kit: for those who like a bit of sparkle and DIY.
  • music vinyls: rare or vintage records for their collection.


Choosing a gift for your friend should be fun, not stressful. These ideas are not just gifts; they’re a way to say you celebrate their passions and quirks. So, pick something that resonates with their spirit, and perhaps pair it with a heartfelt note. It’s these thoughtful touches that turn a simple present into a cherished memory.

Occasion-Based Gift Ideas

Every special occasion is an opportunity to show your friends just how much you value them. From landmark birthdays to career achievements, each event can be marked with a thoughtful gift that celebrates the milestone in style. Whether you’re cheering on their new job or sending love on their big birthday, finding the right present can make all the difference.


  • housewarming hamper: filled with gourmet treats and homely goods to warm their new space
  • graduation keepsake: a personalised frame or piece of jewellery to commemorate their achievement
  • promotion party pack: celebrate their new role with a mix of office essentials and fun gadgets
  • significant birthday gift: something special for a milestone age, like a luxury watch or a vintage wine
  • retirement scrapbook: filled with messages from friends and family, a perfect send-off into retirement
  • wedding anniversary artwork: a custom piece of art celebrating their relationship.
  • Christmas luxury basket: curated with festive treats and seasonal goodies.
  • Easter garden kit: everything they need for spring planting
  • Valentine’s day jewellery: a piece that signifies love and friendship
  • Halloween horror kit: a spooky basket with themed movies, snacks, and decorations
  • summer festival kit: essentials for a music festival adventure
  • back-to-school planner set: stylish stationery for the friend who’s studying.
  • new year’s resolution kit: gear to help them tackle their goals, from fitness equipment to journaling supplies

Choosing a gift that matches the occasion not only adds to the celebration but also shows your friend that you’re really thinking about what makes these moments significant for them. So, next time an important date rolls around, consider these ideas to make their day even more memorable.

Gifts by Interest or Hobby

Friends are as unique as the passions that inspire them. Whether they’re an art lover, a tech enthusiast, or a wellness guru, picking a gift that aligns with their interests not only shows you understand them but also enhances their favourite activities. 

  • art kit: for the creative type, premium supplies for painting, sketching, or sculpting equipment are all great gift ideas
  • tech gadgets: the latest smart home devices or quirky tech accessories.
  • wellness bundle: a yoga mat, organic teas, and essential oils.
  • travel pack: a durable backpack, travel journal, and a world map corkboard.
  • gourmet set: a selection of fine cheeses, a cooking class voucher, or exotic spices.
  • garden tools: high-quality gardening set with seeds and planters.
  • sports gear: latest fitness tracker or customised workout apparel.
  • literary classics: a set of bound classics or a first-edition of their favourite novel.
  • music essentials: vinyl records, high-quality headphones, or concert tickets.
  • board game: latest and greatest board games or puzzle sets.
  • film collection: director’s cuts, movie posters, and a popcorn maker.
  • fashion accessories: a trendy scarf, designer sunglasses, or a bespoke handbag.
  • DIY crafts: a kit for jewellery making, pottery, or knitting.

Each gift is a window into their world, offering them something they will truly appreciate and use. When you choose a present based on what your friend loves to do, you’re not just giving them a thing; you’re giving a piece of joy that complements their life and hobbies. This attention to their interests is what can make a gift truly memorable.

DIY and Handmade Gifts

There’s something truly special about receiving a gift that someone has crafted with their own hands and it’s not store bought. It shows a level of care and thought that off-the-shelf items simply can’t match. And let’s not forget, crafting the gift yourself will most likely mean that you don’t need to break the bank and can easily keep it under budget. For those who enjoy a bit of creativity, or for those looking to give something from the heart, DIY and handmade gifts can be both fun to make and wonderful to receive.

  • handmade candles: craft unique scented candles using their favourite fragrances
  • personalised recipe book: compile a book of favourite recipes, both yours and theirs
  • custom photo album: put together a photo album of memorable moments you’ve shared
  • knitted scarves or beanies: knit something cosy for them, choosing colours they love
  • handcrafted jewellery: make bespoke pieces like bracelets or necklaces with beads or semi-precious stones
  • homemade bath bombs: mix up a batch of soothing, aromatic bath bombs
  • hand-painted mugs: decorate mugs with special designs or inside jokes
  • homemade jams or chutneys: perfect for the friend who loves to cook or enjoy gourmet food
  • scrapbook of memories: create a scrapbook filled with photos, tickets, and other keepsakes
  • custom playlists: curate a playlist that reflects your friendship, with notes explaining each song choice
  • hand-sewn pouches or bags: sew small bags or pouches that they can use daily.
  • DIY plant kits: assemble a small kit for growing herbs or flowers
  • Personalised storybook: write and illustrate a short story featuring adventures you’ve had together

These handmade gifts are not just presents; they’re personal tokens of your affection. Each one tells a story and builds on the history that you share with your friend. Plus, making them can be a deeply satisfying experience, adding an extra layer of meaning to the gift. So, why not pick a project and start crafting? Your effort will surely make your friend feel loved and valued.

Budget-Friendly Gifts

Celebrating friendships doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of thoughtful gifts that are both meaningful and affordable, without taking away from their special character and uniqueness. 

Whether you’re on a tight budget or just looking for a small token to show you care, there’s no shortage of options that can convey your affection without costing a fortune.

  • personalised keychains: a simple yet sweet gift that keeps you in their thoughts
  • funny coasters: brighten their day and protect their tables with witty or quirky coasters
  • miniature plants: small succulents or air plants that add a bit of green without the fuss
  • custom bookmarks: for the book lover, a bookmark with a favourite quote or image
  • handmade soaps: whip up a batch of natural soaps in their favourite scents
  • crafty magnets: create fun and functional magnets with personal touches
  • flavoured salts: mix up gourmet salts for a friend who loves to cook
  • DIY spice blends: perfect for the aspiring chef, create unique blends for their pantry
  • colourful socks: everyone loves a cosy pair of socks, especially in fun designs
  • photo prints: print out memorable photos from your times together in stylish frames
  • baked goods: home-cooked treats like cookies or brownies always show you care
  • handwritten letters: a beautifully written letter can be the most heartfelt gift
  • digital movie pass: give them access to a movie or series they’ve been wanting to see

Each of these gifts can be presented with a personal touch that elevates it from a simple item to a thoughtful gesture. Remember, it’s not about how much you spend, but the thought and effort you put into choosing something that acknowledges and celebrates your friendship. So, dive into these budget-friendly options and let your creativity and affection shine through!

How to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Best Friends

Finding the perfect gift for your best friends doesn’t have to be a daunting task—it should be fun! The key is to think about what makes your friend unique. What are their hobbies? What’s something they wouldn’t buy for themselves? Reflecting on shared experiences can also spark great ideas, whether it’s a joke only you two get or a memory from a trip you took together.

Start by listening. Often, friends mention things they love or are missing without even realizing it. Maybe they’ve talked about wanting to start a new hobby or needing to replace something worn out but haven’t gotten around to it. These little hints are golden opportunities for thoughtful gifts.

If you’re stuck, consider practicality. What does your friend need that they haven’t had time to pick up? Sometimes, the best gifts are those that make life easier. It doesn’t have to be flashy to be appreciated.

Lastly, personalise it. Even a simple gift can become special with a personal touch. A book with a heartfelt note, a custom keyring, or even a framed photo of a cherished moment can make all the difference. It’s the personal touches that truly show how well you know and love your friend. Remember, the perfect gift is one that comes from paying attention to the details of your friendship. Browse our wide range of personalisable gifts, from necklaces to hip flasks and cufflinks and find the perfect gift for your friends.