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Why is Coin Jewellery a Unique Anniversary Gift Idea For Her?

1982 Fifty Pence Coin Necklace- Silver

There is a sweet yet subtle irony when we use money, the very thing that allows us to purchase shiny gifts, is becoming a shiny gift itself. With the sheer volume of different designs, dates and finishes that can be found in coinage from all over the world, you are bound to find a truly unique and thoughtful piece of jewellery that perfectly matches the personality of your partner.

Don’t just take our word for it though, coin jewellery has found its way around the necks and hearts of some of the world’s biggest influencers and celebrities. From daytime stars such as Holly Willoughby, who was spotted in a stunning 22ct Sovereign double coin necklace. Even Hollywood royalty Kanye West has even shown his love for the precious styles and designed his own collection in collaboration with Jacob Arabov.

Many people purchase coin jewellery as an anniversary gift as they are beautiful accessories which also allows the wearer to show national pride. From Irish pennies to Canadian dollars, coins from all over the world can be masterfully transformed into a fashionable trinket for your wife or partner.

History of coin jewellery

Coin necklaces and rings have been worn throughout human history to bring good fortune to the wearer and the practice of crafting coin jewellery can be traced way back into our ancient past.

There is immense sentiment and personal meaning behind all coin jewellery collections. Love tokens, crafted out of coins to be gifted to their lovers, are dated back to the 1600s. It was common for these “Love Tokens” to be engraved with sentimental messages and were either carried for luck while their husbands or wives were away. However, the coin crafting practice can be dated much earlier than this.

We start our tour of coin jewellery history in ancient Egypt. There are pieces residing in the MET museum such as a beautiful adjustable ancient Egyptian coin pendant necklace from 225 CE.

Coin archaeologists and jewellery historians seem to concur that the Ancient Greeks were one of the first societies to immortalise female figures on their coinage. Goddesses such as Hera, Aphrodite and Athena were regularly celebrated on ancient Greek coins. This practice was then repeated across the ancient world as people (and their money) travelled around the new world.

Of course, the art of coin jewellery and souvenirs has been practised for many centuries and the ancient tradition of coin jewellery is well documented, the modern appeal for coin jewellery came to fruition in the 19th century. During this time, commonly named the “archaeological revival” movement, artefacts from the Hellenistic, Egyptian and Etruscan societies spurred fascination and admiration from the public and the arts.

Now, of course, there is a limited and heavily protected supply of ancient coins which means that prices for modern jewellery collections are exorbitantly high at market.

Unique coin jewellery that she will love

2012 U.S. Penny Coin Necklace

Celebrating 10 wonderful years as a married couple is a great achievement and a beautiful gift to give to your wife is our 2012 U.S. Penny Coin Necklace. The 2012 U.S Penny piece is a  great way to celebrate an anniversary date as it not only has your wedding year imprinted upon the coin but it is a beautiful trinket in itself.

The penny is the United States’ one-cent coin and it is reported that Benjamin Franklin designed the first American penny back in 1787. The current design on the back, or tails side, is a Union Shield which has been depicted on the penny since 2010.

1995 27th Birthday Keyring with two coins

There was a lot to celebrate in 1995, from the cinematic release of the immensely popular James Bond film GoldenEye to the Oasis smash hit Wonderwall being blasted across our radios. Then, of course, it was the start of you and your wife starting married life together. After 27 years, it’s no wonder you are aiming to celebrate with something special.

This beautiful keyring comes with 2 polished coins, one being a British 20 pence and one being a British 5 pence, that each signify the years that you are looking to celebrate. A dual coin keyring makes a wonderful anniversary keepsake for your wife or loved one.                                                     

1992 Australian Five Cents Necklace

30 years of shared love and memories is an incredible achievement for any couple to celebrate. It will take something heartfelt and unique to really show her how much you care. Luckily, our stunning 1992 Australian Five Cents Necklace is not only a subtle reminder but is a beautiful piece of jewellery too. These unique Necklaces have been carefully handmade from vintage 1992 Australian Five Cent Coins and make the perfect 30th anniversary gift for her. Your partner will receive their 30th anniversary coin necklace in a luxury gift box, so your present is instantly ready to be sent to your loved one!

Find a unique anniversary gift for her with Heads & Tails Jewellery

Whether your special lady is more subtle with her taste or likes to add a quirky touch to her outfits, our coin range is sure to impress. Each piece has been masterfully designed and manufactured by our team of skilled jewellery designers using genuine coins.

At Heads & Tails Jewellery, we ensure that our innovative designs can be treasured and worn by your loved ones for years to come. This is why each product is sent to you in a luxury gift box and comes with a 12 month warranty. We pride ourselves on our customer service and give as much attention to detail in our service to you, as we do in our craft. Please contact us today for more information and to see just what our team can do for you.