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Unique Anniversary Gifts For Couples Who Have Everything

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Unique Anniversary Gifts For Couples Who Have Everything

When you are searching for an anniversary gift for a couple who seem like they already have it all, it can be somewhat of a challenge. Especially when it is a couple that you care for dearly and a relationship that you have seen blossom, a gift for them needs to be as meaningful as it is beautiful.

Celebrating love, whether you are celebrating a new anniversary or a 20th, are markers of a wonderful life shared together and a wealth of memories made along the way. That’s why anniversaries are so joyful. And yet, they can also feel like high-stakes celebrations for both the couple and the family involved. When it comes to gift shopping for those you love, it can already be a headache. The situation is not helped by the fact that this special couple seems to have everything…meaning they’re particularly hard to shop for.

For partners with an upcoming anniversary, these loving gifts reaffirm and symbolise the feeling that you have for each other and express how grateful they are for their partners. For close friends or family, they are a great way to say, “we love you both and we cherish your relationship together” But how do you find a gift that says all that without it LITERALLY saying that?

Well, there are a number of ways to go about it. You can always consider the traditional and modern gifts associated with each anniversary – like paper, tin or gold trinkets and gems. But don’t be shy about getting creative and unique.

We’ve rounded up the very best unique anniversary gift ideas for the couple that “has it all” to help you find something that they won’t soon forget. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive trinket, or a luxury piece of jewellery that will blow them away.

2001 20p and 1p Coin Keyring

2001 was the year that Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t get you out of my head’ song was released and the very first Harry Potter film was released called ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. It was also the year your favourite couple tied the knot. 21 years of love and memories built together, it’s no surprise you want to find a gift that symbolises everything they have gone through together.

This beautiful item comes with 2 polished coins signifying the years in question and makes a wonderful keepsake for your friends or loved ones who share this special date with you. Made out of genuine British coins, this double coin keyring is cleaned, polished and hung on a strong split ring. These two-coin keyrings come in a pretty gift bag and makes an ideal original gift for an anniversary.

Watch Movement Hip Flask

Mechanical watches, by design, are pieces of mechanical art. While the designer faces and trendy wrist straps are impressive and fun, it’s really the craftsmanship of the watch movement that we’re all so hypnotised by. This is why we have combined the beauty of watches with the handiness of a hip flask to make one beautiful gift.

These hip flasks have been lovingly handmade from Watch Movements and are the ideal gift for any sophisticated couple looking to bring class and elegance to their collection. The trendy hip flasks are made using silver plated steel giving a high quality and clean finish and hold approximately one shot of alcohol. Stylish and sleek, these bespoke hip flasks would make a unique anniversary to capture that perfect ‘Moment in Time’.

1992 Canadian Penny Coin Necklace

This Heads and Tails necklace is handcrafted using a real 1992 Canadian penny and makes the perfect 30th anniversary gift for your favourite couple. On the coin, is a beautiful outline of the traditional Canadian maple leaf. The leaf is a proud and distinctive Canadian symbol which appears on all Canadian coins minted between Confederation and 1935. The modern 1-cent coin features the iconic two maple leaves on the same twig. The design, crafted by G.E. Kruger Gray was first used in 1937 and has a long and rich history.

Each coin-crafted necklace encases one Canadian coin and shows the heads side displaying the minting date and, of course, the date that relates to that special anniversary date. Our necklaces can be cherished and worn for years and work beautifully on both men and women. Whether you want to gift one for a couple to cherish together or gift one to each of them to wear, it makes a timeless keepsake to be treasured for years to come.

1982 Irish Fifty Pence Coin Necklace

1982 was a momentous year, from THAT Ozzy Osbourne stage incident to the release of the popular Blade Runner franchise, there was A LOT that happened. For you and a select few however, it is the year that signifies the union of a special couple in your life.

40 years is an incredible achievement for any couple to celebrate, so it’s no wonder that you want to give them something to congratulate them. The stunning 1982 Irish Fifty Pence Coin Necklace is not only a great keepsake but is a beautiful piece of jewellery. These Necklaces have been lovingly and masterfully handmade from genuine highly polished 1982 Irish Fifty Pence Coins. These bespoke coin necklaces are silver plated and make a unique gift for a couples 40th wedding anniversary.

Find a unique anniversary gift with Heads & Tails Jewellery

We all know a couple like this: A couple that, no matter how long they’ve known each other, are madly in love. They have exquisite taste, a perfectly outfitted home and seem to have everything. In this case, a nice bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine just won’t do. These coin-based unique gifts for married couples are a thoughtful way to surprise your favourite lovebirds with a special date in mind.

Your pals or family members will surely be thrilled to receive any one of these unique picks and they can cherish them for years to come. Every couple, whether new or long-lasting, has their own preferred way to celebrate anniversaries. However, if you are interested in adding an extra layer of sentimental value to your gifts to them, then contact our team today.