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Lucky Charms and Positive Affirmation Techniques

Positive Affirmation Techniques

Positive Affirmation Techniques

Sixpences (6d) or Tanners as they used to be known are a well-known symbol of good luck, whether they be an ‘ingredient’ in the Christmas pudding, be part of a brides ‘Something Old, Something New’ tradition, or sewn behind RAF pilots wings on their uniform. The sixpences design has changed only three times since the 1930’s with each monarch’s reign, each design of this lucky coin is beautiful. Our Sixpence Jewellery is handcrafted in a variety of colours from gold to silver finishes. Sixpences are coins that transform seamlessly into pieces of luxurious coin jewellery, such as Sixpence Necklaces, keyrings or cufflinks, so you can wear your very own lucky sixpence every day.

With this symbol of luck in mind, we collaborated with Inbaal Honigman (celebrity psychic and astrologer) and John Kenny (relationship/life coach qualified in coaching, counselling, psychology NLP and mediation) to find out more on the topic of luck, including the role of positive affirmations. Here’s what we found…

What is Luck?

Luck is defined as ‘success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions’. However, many people hold dear various theories and techniques that they believe help them to attract good luck.

Firstly, John questions, “is there such a thing as luck? Or do we create our own luck? If we put ourselves into situations where we are likely to get more opportunities or believe that the things we want will happen, then we switch on part of our brain called your Reticular Activating System (RAS). This is the part that looks for the things that we want (or don’t want) and then filters out the other things that don’t match this. It subconsciously looks for what we are focusing on and so when opportunities arrive, we see them and ignore the other things that don’t lead to this goal. Then we just need to act on what is in front of us”.

Star Signs and ‘Lucky Charms’

Inbaal shared that “affirmations, and manifesting of any description can work with the power of the mind alone. However, enlisting ancient symbols and associations which plug your intent into the full grid of the universe, connecting past, present and future, will inevitably bring spectacular results, compared with the mind alone”. Following this statement, Inbaal shared the ‘lucky charms’ which either work best, or are commonly associated with, each of the 12 star signs:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Potential ‘lucky charms’ for Arians include:
– Numbers: 4 – The Tarot card for Aries, the Emperor is number IV.
– Element: Fire
– Colours: Red (fiery and passionate)
– Planet: Mars
– Symbols: Sign Aries (ram), Runes Tiwaz (“spear” shape) and Dagaz (“butterfly” shape)

Taurus (April 20 – May 10)
Potential ‘lucky charms’ for Taurians include:
– Numbers: 5 – The Tarot card for Taurus, the Hierophant is number V.
– Element: Earth
– Colours: Brown (earthy and practical)
– Planet: Venus
– Symbols: Sign Taurus (bull), Runes Fehu (“F” shape) and Uruz (“n” shape)

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
Potential ‘lucky charms’ for Geminis include:
– Numbers: 6 – The Tarot card for Gemini, the Lovers is number VI.
– Element: Air
– Colours: Pale green (the colour of ideas)
– Planet: Mercury
– Symbols: Sign Gemini (twins), Runes Ansuz (“F” shape) and Raido (“R” shape)

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Potential ‘lucky charms’ for Cancers include:
– Numbers: 7 – The Tarot card for Cancer, the Chariot is number VII.
– Element: Water
– Colours: Blue (colour of water)
– Planet: The moon
– Symbols: Sign Cancer (crab), Runes Berkana (“B” shape) and Othila (“o/œ” shape)

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
Leo don’t tend to believe in luck. It is a hardworking sign, and they know they earn their success. The very idea that luck had something to do with their achievements is abhorrent to them, as they feel that they took an active part in every aspect of their own success.

However, potential ‘lucky charms’ for Leos include:
– Numbers: 8 – The Tarot card for Leo, Strength is number VIII.
– Element: Fire
– Colours: Gold and yellow (colours of sunshine)
– Planet: The Sun
– Symbols: Sign Leo (lion), Runes Wunjo (“P” shape) and Sowilo (“S” shape)

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
Virgo also don’t tend to believe in luck. It is a sensible and realistic sign, and they prefer to use tried and tested methods. Not a sign to break tradition, they’ll attend spiritual settings like church, as part of a family celebration and they can memorize any ritual with ease, but they won’t be fully invested in it in terms of faith.

However, potential ‘lucky charms’ for Virgos include:
– Numbers: 9 – The Tarot card for Virgo, the Hermit is number IX.
– Element: Earth
– Colours: Navy (a deep and traditional colour)
– Planet: Mercury
– Symbols: Sign Virgo (the virgin), Runes Ehwaz (“S” shape, likened to two horses’ heads) and Inguz (“diamond” shape)

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Librans tend to believe in luck. It is a gentle sign that needs all the emotional support they can get. They never feel as if they’ve done enough, as Librans are quite demanding of themselves, so when they reach any form of success, they feel as if they must have been lucky.

Potential ‘lucky charms’ for Librans include:
– Numbers: 11 – The Tarot card for Libra, Justice is XI.
– Element: Air
– Colours: White (the airiest colour, or the airiest sign)
– Planet: Venus
– Symbols: Sign Libra (scales), Runes Gebo (“X” shape) and Jera (spiral-like shape)

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
Potential ‘lucky charms’ for Scorpios include:
– Numbers: 13 – The Tarot card of Scorpio, Death is number XIII
– Element: Water
– Colours: Black (intense)
– Planets: Pluto, Mars
– Symbols: Sign Scorpio (scorpion), Runes Eihwaz (bow-like shape) and Perthro (cup-like shape)

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
Potential ‘lucky charms’ for Sagittarians include:
– Numbers: 14 – The Tarot card for Sagittarius, Temperance is number XIV.
– Element: Fire
– Colours: Magenta and other bold colours (free-spirited)
– Planet: Jupiter
– Symbols: Sign Sagittarius (archer and centaur), Runes Thurisaz (thorn-like shape) and Kenaz (torch-shape)

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)
Potential ‘lucky charms’ for Capricorns include:
– Numbers: 15 – The Tarot card of Capricorn, the Devil is number XV.
– Element: Earth
– Colours: Maroon (powerful and earthy)
– Planet: Saturn
– Symbols: Sign Capricorn (sea-goat), Runes Nauthiz (cross-like shapes, likened to twigs) and Isa (vertical line, like an icicle)

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
Potential ‘lucky charms’ for Aquarians include:
– Numbers: 17 – The Tarot card for Aquarius, the Star is number XVII.
– Element: Air
– Colours: Very pale blue (airy with a hint of water)
– Planet: Saturn
– Symbols: Sign Aquarius (water bearer), Runes Hagalaz (“H” shape) and Mannaz (“M” shape)

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Pisceans tend to believe in luck. They are a very spiritual sign, likely to take on a variety of spiritual beliefs. They’ll mix and match! Their faith is diverse, and they’ll try their luck with any manifesting method.

Potential ‘lucky charms’ for Pisceans include:
– Numbers: 18 – The Tarot card representing Pisces is the Moon, number XVIII.
– Element: Water
– Colours: Deep purple (represents psychic nature)
– Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
– Symbols: Sign Pisces (fish), Runes Laguz (hook-like shape) and Algiz (elk sedge plant)

Positive Affirmation Techniques

Inbaal and John also shared their thoughts on positive affirmation techniques. Inbaal noted that “there is very little difference between any and all methods of manifesting. From the innocent prayer to a full-blown Masonic ritual, a single repetitive affirmation, Wiccan spells and chanting a mantra, they’re all different flavours of the same endeavour. The practices appear different on the surface – candle magic and journaling appear very different to one another. Meditation and casting a circle look like they’re entirely different. However, the mindset aspect of any form of miracle-creation is the same.

The experts also commented on “lucky girl syndrome”, a mindset which is gaining popularity on TikTok. John explained that “this is not a new phenomenon, and is something that has been proposed (as a concept) at least since the 1960s when it was called the Law of Assumption. It proposes that by assuming that you will get what you want or that everything will turn out as you need, you just need to think it, assume it is true and it will happen. So, the best way to make this happen for yourself is to create the mindset that whatever you put your mind to, whatever you would like to materialise in your life, believe that it is going to happen (and you do need to believe) and it will manifest”.

Inbaal added that “just like any mindset, the answer is challenging your thoughts at every corner. We practice mindset all the time, whether or not we know it. When we say ‘this will never work’, we’re practicing the mindset of failure. When we say ‘this is hard’, we’re making that a reality. When we flip the script and say to ourselves ‘this is easy’ or ‘I can do this’ or specifically here: ‘I am so lucky!’, we’re imbuing our minds with the belief that things will turn in our favour. This creates the lucky girl mindset, and this makes things happen”.
Inbaal continued that “you have to fully believe that you’re about to get what you’ve just manifested – and ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ focuses on that mindset alone, and clarifies it and distils it to a younger generation. Lucky Girl Syndrome gets you to fully believe that your desires are coming to fruition, and allows you to disregard any negative self-talk, which is the mindset at the heart of all miracles”.

However, both experts explained that there are both benefits and potential risks to relying on these positive affirmation techniques:


John shared that “the most obvious benefit is that, by choosing to think more positively, it is very likely that you will attract more positivity towards you. People who are positive, situations that are positive and generally improve your overall wellbeing by feeling positive a lot of the time. Feeling good inside is great for your overall mental, emotional, and physical health. Not only that, but you are also more likely to be able to manage negatives more easily and take advantage of any positive opportunities presented, walking away from the ones that don’t benefit you”.

Inbaal added that “positive affirmations – of any description and of any manifesting trend – work on many levels. First of all it has the obvious benefit of reminding the affirmer of their goals and wishes every day. If you affirm, say, three times a day, then at least three times a day you remember that you want your specific outcomes. When you remember them, you’ll work for them.

“Secondly it helps the affirmer believe that they can achieve their goals. This confidence in itself can create miracles. A confident person walking into a situation is more likely than an anxious person walking into a situation, to achieve their goals. And thirdly, I personally believe that affirmations create magic and flex reality. This belief might not be shared by everyone, but in my personal experience, affirmations bring accurate, timely results, even if the desired outcome is somehow impossible. This is true for all types of affirmations.
“The specific and special affirmations in the style of the Lucky Girl Syndrome trend have the added benefit of getting the affirmer to see themselves as uniquely deserving of unusual good fortune. This is beneficial because it negates two types of negative self-talk. It negates the belief that some things are impossible, because believing oneself to be lucky transcends the breadth of logical possibilities, and it also negates the belief that the person is somehow undeserving, because to be lucky, the person would get the desired outcome whether or not they deserve it. Luck can give people the most random of gifts”.


John warned that “on the downside, we can move into the realms of toxic positivity. This is when you avoid anything that could be negative, not facing up to, acknowledging or dealing with negative emotions. You could also convince yourself that whatever you say will happen, will happen. You may just expect it and not put yourself out to make it happen, start to feel entitled that you can have whatever you want. It will then be difficult when those things don’t come to fruition, and you won’t know how to cope when they don’t”.

Inbaal cautioned that “in the hands of a narcissist, the Lucky Girl Syndrome can be unpleasant. Someone who already believes that the world owes them a living, that people owe them attention, doesn’t need extra affirmations to make them even more isolated from society. In the case of a lazy person, excessive use of affirmations in place of taking decisive action can create a void of results. Nobody can sit at home chanting and hoping for luck to come knocking”.

John finished by saying that “like most things in life, what we believe tends to become our truths. You can think as positively as you want, as often as you can, and this will have some good impacts on your life day to day. If you are holding into negative core beliefs that lead to many limiting beliefs, then there will be doubt and resistance for the good times to roll… and you could hold yourself back or sabotage any positive outcomes. So address these at the same time”.

*Information compiled in January 2023