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Birthday Jewellery Gifts For Her: 5 Unique Gift Ideas

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Birthday Jewellery Gifts For Her: 5 Unique Gift Ideas

When it comes to treating the incredible women in your life, whether it be your wife’s birthday or your best friend’s, jewellery is always a great gift idea. But buying jewellery to match the style and personality of the women you love isn’t always as simple as it sounds. From watches to rings, from gold to pearls, it is important to not only choose the right piece of jewellery for her, but the right material and finish. 

Finding the perfect jewellery for your girlfriend, mum or sister can make any birthday special and memorable. When it comes to gift ideas for the special ladies in your life, there aren’t really any wrong options. Diamonds are, after all, a girl’s best friend (or so they say). But it’s not just diamonds that can spark the twinkle in her eye. The best, and sometimes worst part about picking jewellery for a gift is that there is such a huge variety to choose from.

When choosing jewellery for her, you’ll want to show how much you care with a personal and thoughtful gift that she can treasure for years to come. They say that good things come in small packages and sometimes, the tiniest boxes hold the most beautiful presents. 

But where should you start? Whether your partner likes the more fancy and feminine collections or you have a daughter that prefers something sporty and simple, there is a piece of jewellery that was made for her. With thousands of shiny gift idea lists online, we don’t blame you for feeling a little overwhelmed and we don’t want you to lose sight of what your loved one might wish to receive. Luckily, we’re here to give you a little shopping inspiration. 

Read on for some beautifully unique gift ideas to make her birthday one to remember.

1) 1962 Lucky Sixpence Coin Necklace

1962 was a legendary year. The Beatles released their first recording, the iconic Marilyn Monroe sadly passed away and Lawrence of Arabia was playing in cinemas around the world. For those special women in your life, who are celebrating their 60th birthday this year, a personalised gift to mark this iconic year would be a necklace made from a genuine 1962 sixpence.

Perfect for a wife, mother or grandmother, the 1962 Sixpence Coin Necklace is a skilfully handcrafted item made using both silver and gold plated backs and Sixpence coins. Memorable yet stunning, the high quality finish is sure to make her smile for years to come. A truly thoughtful piece of jewellery which will be worn and treasured forever.

1962 Lucky Sixpence Coin Necklace

2) 1952 Threepence Coin Keyring

Before decimalisation, the threepence was a staple of daily life for many in the UK. However, as the country grew and the world evolved, the beloved threepence became obsolete. To remember the days of our much-loved coin, why not gift the women in your life a beautifully crafted Threepence Coin Keyring to mark their 70th birthday? 1952 was the year the Queen succeeded to the Throne after the death of her father, King George VI. A historical year indeed in recent British history. A coin gift to commemorate this significant year would be an inspired choice. The history behind this iconic coin is rich and beautiful and the unique 12-sided design of the threepence makes this small gift a beautiful yet unusual birthday present. 

1952 Threepence Coin Keyring

3) Australian Five Cents Necklace

Whether you have a quirky, fun-loving Aussie in your life or you’re looking for a gift for those who just adore a splash of colour, this Blue Australian Five Cents necklace is a one of a kind gift! Since it was minted in 1966, the incredibly cute Australian five cents has become a much-loved addition to the Australian currency by the locals and coin-enthusiasts around the world. In its first year of minting, there were over 30 million of these five cent coins struck at the British Royal Mint, located in London at the time. The playful yet thoughtful necklaces are made using silver plated backs and Australian Five Cent coins and even topped with blue enamel which is hand painted onto every piece.

Australian Five Cents Necklace

4)  1982 Irish One Penny Necklace

Is your wife celebrating her 40th birthday this year? Or has your family got the luck of the Irish and you wish to celebrate your heritage with a piece of your history? Then this stunning 1982 Irish one penny necklace will do the trick! 1982 was the year E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial film was released and Eye of the Tiger by Survivor was Number 1. As legend goes, you should ALWAYS keep a penny on you for luck. An Irish one penny is a subtle yet stylish addition to any outfit and with the stylish, rose gold plated backs, the Irish One Penny coin necklace makes an incredibly thoughtful birthday gift. 

1982 Irish One Penny Necklace

5) 1947 Half Crown Coin Keyring

What can you gift a mother, wife or sister who is celebrating her 75th birthday? Why not give her a little piece of history with a Half Crown Coin Keyring dating back to the year she was born? A vintage coin keyring adds a modern twist to a token of the past. Throughout their history, crowns and half crowns had a full and fascinating life in British coinage, with production continuing until 1967. In fact, they were in circulation for so long that only Queen Mary and King Edward VIII did not issue any half crown coins during their reigns. From regal hands through to our master jewellers, these coins have seen it all. Now, you can gift the necklace to a loved one today.

1947 Half Crown Coin Keyring

Wearing her year, for many years

The rich and vast collection of coin necklaces, coin keyrings and accessories from Heads and Tails Jewellery allows you to gift your loved one a small piece of her history that can be worn and treasured for years to come. Treat your loved one to a truly unique item of jewellery that commemorates a special year to her. 

As well as an extensive variety of coin types, years and sizes, we also have a range of colour finishes for you to choose from. Take your pick from a collection of silver, gold, rose gold, and even blue enamel coin necklaces. A beautiful necklace handcrafted from a real coin, the perfect birthday gift for her and a wonderful way for her to celebrate her birth year. 

At Heads and Tails Jewellery the satisfaction of our customers is our priority so if you have any warranty, delivery or gift questions then please contact us today.