99th Birthday Jewellery

Just a year away from the centenary birthday, if you have a loved one turning 99, there is no doubt that this is an important event, one that should be celebrated. Events like this require more than just a party and well wishes. It also requires presents. Why choose just any present though, when you can get something truly thoughtful and meaningful, because let’s face it by now, they have everything they could ever need.

Our collection of 99th Birthday Jewellery is home to some of the most unique gifts for 99-year-olds this birthday. The collection comprises coin rings all made from coins issued in the year the client was born, making them a perfect birthday gift. All handcrafted and polished to perfection, these rings are as beautiful as they are stunning. They are all pieces of jewellery the recipient will love and appreciate. Check out the complete collection below.

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Dark Patina

1924 Farthing Coin Ring, 99th Birthday Gift – Bronze