88th Birthday Keyrings

Did you know keyrings are actually a really popular birthday present? In fact, they are one of the best ones out there. After all, every adult needs them to keep their keys organised, you can’t have too many keyrings and they are appropriate for every gender, race, and religion. Basically, they are a friend to all. So, if you are not sure what birthday present to get your loved one about to turn 88, keyrings might actually be a great idea!

Not just any keyring will be right for the occasion though. You need something special. Our 88th Birthday Keyring collection is exactly what you need.

All made of genuine coins issued in the same year the recipient was born and handcrafted by experts and finished to perfection, they are more than just a personalised choice for 88-year-olds, they are also genuinely beautiful pieces of jewellery to behold. Check out the complete collection below.

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1936 Lucky Sixpence Coin Keyring, 88th Birthday Gift- Silver


1936 Lucky Sixpence Coin Keyring, 88th Birthday Gift- Gold