91st Birthday Necklaces

Necklaces are an ideal choice of gift for any friend or loved one. They are elegant, classy yet modern and can add a different feel to your outfit. Necklaces are a piece of jewellery that add beauty to the person wearing them and can be worn for various occasions.

Our collection of 91st Birthday Necklaces are some of the most unique necklaces available. What makes these necklaces even more special are the nostalgic ties to the past. Made with coins that date back to the birth year of the recipient, this adds an even greater sentimental value to the chain and pendant and is sure to be received with love.

Both the wearer of the necklaces and those who see them have no choice but to fall in love with them because of their exquisite design accentuated by the gold or silver bezels and intricately designed coins.

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1932 Lucky Sixpence Coin Necklace, 91st Birthday Gift- Gold


1932 Lucky Sixpence Coin Necklace, 91st Birthday Gift- Silver