91st Birthday Keyrings

Do you perhaps have a loved one turning 91 and are looking for a gift idea? Why not consider coin keyrings?

Keyrings may not be a normal ‘go to’ birthday idea, but that’s what makes them so special. Keyrings are perhaps the most convenient item for anyone who has a bunch of keys they need to keep track of, and who doesn’t have keys?

Our 91st Birthday Keyrings are doubly special because they are handcrafted with the exact age group in mind. The materials they are made from gives them a look of class and elegance. Coupled with the 1933 Lucky Sixpence Coin attached to it, it adds a finish that is aesthetically pleasing and difficult to ignore. Moreover, the coins used in the collection are exact as old as the recipient. Checkout our collection and choose your favourite design.

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1933 Lucky Sixpence Coin Keyring, 91st Birthday Gift- Gold


1933 Lucky Sixpence Coin Keyring, 91st Birthday Gift- Silver